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What is the difference between working on WinQS® Local or Server/Network?

The difference between working on WinQS® Local or Server/Network relates to where the WinQS® SQL data (not backups) is located/installed.

Physically working on your own PC does not mean you do not access the WinQS® SQL data on the Server/Network.

Your WinQS® could be setup to login to the WinQS® Server/Network.

You could also have access to both.

The WinQS® SQL data on the server is NOT the same as the WinQS® SQL data on your local machine. In other words, updating a project on your local WinQS® version does not update the same project on the WinQS® Server/Network automatically and vice versa.

Your user code on WinQS® local can be different from the user code on the WinQS® Server.

To determine if you are working on WinQS® Local, Server/Network or both, you can do the following:

  1. If your company has a server and WinQS® is installed on the server, the chances are very good that you can access the WinQS® Server/Network. Please confirm this with your company’s management or dedicated IT company.
  2. On opening WinQS®

Should you need to access the server and your WinQS® is indicating the first login screen above and not the second one, please close WinQS® and follow the steps as per the WinQS® – Admin Utility App document located in C:\Program Files\WinQS\Documents

Should you need any assistance from ACE Solutions with the setup, please contact us and please have the following information available:

  • The name/IP address of the WinQS® server
  • The WinQS® backup path shared on the server
  • Indicate whether you’ve been created as a user on the WinQS® server or not.
  1. On WinQS® browse view

On the bottom right corner of the WinQS® browse view it will also indicate whether you are working on the Local or Server version.