Tender System

WinQS Tender System – eTendering

Since 1975 the building profession has been discussing electronic transfer of information to and from the Contractor. The Contractor has been able to receive information electronically but then is typically unable to transmit the completed Tender document back to the Consultant.

To address this need, the WinQS Tender System has been developed for use by Contractors, Tenderers or Suppliers who need to receive, complete or price a Tender document, print out and then electronically submit the Tender document.

The WinQS Tender System has been developed in conjunction with Tendering Systems used by most Contractors and has been in use since 2002.

How does this work practically for the Contractor?

  • The QS/Cost Consultant produces a single file Tender document and transmits this electronically to a Contractor.
  • The Contractor loads this file into the WinQS Tender System.
  • He/she may then export the information for use in a Tendering system for the purpose of calculating the rate build-up.
  • Once rates have been calculated, the rates may be captured or imported back into the project in the WinQS Tendering system.
  • All formatting, extending and totaling is done automatically (no formulas to check or change).
  • The Contractor may return the priced tender document back to the Consultant in an electronic format or as a fully priced printed Tender document.
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1. You will receive an email with an invoice for the WinQS Tender System complete with our banking details.

2. On receipt of payment into our bank account ONLY, we will forward you the complete Installation Guide for installing the WinQS Tender System.

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